FYROM: Deputy PM Koco Angjushev’s company was bought by the Greek Public Power Corporation! (video)

The €4.8 deal was closed shortly before the signing of the Prespes agreement!

The executives of the governments of Greece and FYROM are doing…business as usual? This appears to be the case according to the exclusive news report of the Greek TV channel “SKAI”.

The story goes that the Greek Public Power Corporation (PPC) acquired a company belonging to the Deputy Prime Minister of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) and a close associate of the Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, less than two months before signing the Prespes Agreements.

According to the news report, the Greek PPC after an order it was given by the main shareholder, the Greek State, bought the energy trading company EDS, for €4.8m. This wouldn’t necessarily be news-worthy if the owner of EDS wasn’t FYROM’s Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister, Koco Angjushev!

PPC argued that it was a “business decision” that would open the door for energy trading in the Balkans.

The Greek government, as SKAI argues, concealed the deal, which was completed a few days before the Prespes Agreement regarding the name dispute was signed. There was no answer also as to who was the minister or government official that gave the order for the acquisition of Koco Angjushev’s company.

Angjushev is a close friend with the country’s PM Zoran Zaev and during this summer they were together in Halkidiki with their families for vacations.

According to SKAI, the cost of the campaign in favor of the Prespes agreement in light of the upcoming referendum, is close to five million euros, almost as much as the PPC gave for the acquisition of the EDS, with people close to Angjushev being responsible for the campaign’s funds…

The revelation is raising the question: Did key members of Zaev’s government get bribed in order to accept the Prespes agreement?