FYROM name referendum: 91% vote YES in low (34%) turnout with 20% of votes counted

FYROM PM says he will continue the procedures of leading his country into NATO and the EU

With the results of 20 per cent of the voting centres counted, 91.03 per cent of the electorate voted in “YES” in the referendum on the Prespa name Agreement with Greece, while 6 per cent voted “NO”.

The turner out was particularly low, with only 630,000 citizens taking part in the plebiscite (34.09%), out of which 573,000 were in favour of the Prespa Agreement.

“I respect the verdict of those who voted. The overwhelming majority of citizens said “yes,” FYROM’s Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said about an hour after the polls were closed.
He went on to deny claims that the referendum was invalid due to the low turnout, stressing that he would continue ruling the country and bring into NATO and the EU. “There is no prospect of early elections”, he added.