FYROM signs taken down from government buildings

The new signs with “Republic of North Macedonia” will be put in place tomorrow

FYROM is preparing to implement the necessary changes in its name as provided under the Prespes Agreement signed with Greece.

During the early morning on Monday, crews started removing signs with the current name of the country (Republic of Macedonia) from the government building in the center of the capital Skopje.
In their place, new letters will be placed under the new name of the country “Republic of North Macedonia”.

This may happen tomorrow at the event that will take place in the courtyard of the building where the government is housed and the NATO flag will be placed.
The new sign could be fitted tomorrow during a special ceremony in the building’s courtyard with the country’s Prime Minister Zoran Zaev being in attendance, along with representatives of NATO and ambassadors of the Alliance member states in Skopje.
FYROM’s media speculate that the first new signs with the country’s new name will be placed at the country’s border crossings with Greece, most likely at the crossing of Gevgeli (Bogoroditsa), opposite to the Evzones customs.