Greek authorities arrest German and French pilots on suspicion of spying

The two were caught piloting a helicopter while filming a secret military compound at Andravida

A German and a French national have been taken into custody on suspicion of spying. The two individuals allegedly recorded secret military compounds that belong to the 117 Combat Wing in Andravida from an AS 350BA helicopter. The aircraft was detected by the airport security forces as it was flying over the installations without a permit.

The Andravida airport security forces requested the Civil Aviation to identify the helicopter and check whether it had submitted proper flight plans. After examining the case it was determined that the aircraft had offered a flight plan which was only valid until the city of Loutraki.

Meanwhile, after closer inspection, Greek authorities were also alarmed by the fact that an Albanian national appeared to have leased the helicopter.

The two pilots were immediately taken into custody after they were forced to land at the Megara airport.