German Chancellery: Greece has committed to continuing reforms

The Chancellery responded to reports that Angela Merkel was ready to accept Greece’s request to not cut pensions

Germany sent a clear message to Greece that it expects the debt-ridden country to fulfil its commitments and continue the agreed reforms. The German Chancellery responded to newspaper Ta Nea, after publications claimed Chancellor Angela Merkel was close to accepting the Greek request not to cut pensions by setting, on two conditions, however.

“We do not comment, as matter of course, on reports about alleged statements media by the Chancellor. Irrespective of this, it is true that: Greece, in the framework of its programme and its completion, committed itself to the continuation and implementation on the path of reforms set out in the ESM programme. The implementation of this commitment is mainly the subject of post-memorandum surveillance by the institutions and the Eurozone. ”

According to Kathimerini newspaper, on Wednesday, the German Chancellor was reportedly very close to accepting the Greek pension request under two conditions:

– First of all, that it can beyond any doubt be proven that even without this measure the target for a primary surplus of 3,5% of GDP in 2019 is ensured.

– Secondly, this decision should not appear as a starting point for cancelling other reforms made in previous years.