German Finance Minister to talk Greek debt relief in Washington meeting: Handelsblatt

German newspaper says IMF could participate in Greek programme by the end of April

German Finance Minister Olaf Scholz will be involved in talks about a Greek debt relief on the sidelines of the IMF annual meeting in Washington, according to German newspaper Handelsblatt. Citing its sources, the German newspaper reports that the meeting the German Minister will take part in on the Greek debt will also include EU Finance Ministers, representatives of the EU and the IMF, as well as the ECB and the ESM.

During the meeting, several options on the alleviation of the Greek debt will be reportedly tabled which had already discussed by the Washington Group negotiators last Thursday in Brussels. There had been a sense of optimism in among the parties involved in negotiations, as there was a feeling of “progress” and constructive talks. European finance ministers could make a statement on debt relief for Athens at their meeting in Sofia on April 27. If this statement is considered to be in alignment with the IMF, then – according to Handelsblatt – the Fund could decide at the end of April to participate in the Greek bailout programme with 1.6 billion euros.