German politician says it was better when Bavarians ruled Greece!

It was a grossly failed attempt at humour, given the history of the two nations

The head of the Christian Social Union (CSU) and Interior Minister for Germany, Horst Seehofer made a highly provocative statement during his speech in the city of Ingolstadt, in the run-up to the Bavarian elections, even if it was done in jest.
“The Bavarians ruled Greece for a time. Maybe it would have been better had it not been temporary”, he said in an apparent attempt at humour.

“Bavarians ruled #Greece for a time. Maybe it would have been better had it not been temporary,“ @CSU leader #Seehofer jokes to home crowd ahead of #Bavaria election”, according to Politico correspondent in Europe, Matthew Karnitschnig, who tweeted the statement.


Some Twitter users were quick to respond taking the German politician to task, reminding him why the Greeks had kicked out the Bavarians in the first place.

A history lesson. King Otto was really unpopular in Greece for the very beginning. The political resentment against Bavarians had grown so strong by 1841 that every non-Greek minister returned to Bavaria. Otto stayed until the Greeks sent even him into exile in 1862.

wrote one user, while another wrote:

And their rule reeked of corruption and funds mismanagement. Spending everything on luxuries for them while the country was struggling. Partly the reason why their subjects didn’t like them and were ousted at first opportunity.