German President: A deal will be struck at EuroGroup

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier meets with Greek counterpart Pavlopoulos

The President of Germany, Frank-Walter Steinmeier expressed his certainty that a deal would be reached during the June 15 EuroGroup meeting in a joint press conference with his Greek counterpart Prokopis Pavlopoulos, during the latter’s official visit to Germany. On his part, Mr. Pavlopoulos called for Greece’s partners to fulfill their part of the agreement after Greece had fully complied with its obligations. Mr. Walter-Steinmeier said he was hopeful that the differences between separating the sides would be overcome. The Greek President underlined that commitments assumed by Greece’s creditors on the debt issue should not be blocked by the election campaign in Germany, adding that Germany should not consider the political cost. He continued by saying the European Central Bank (ECB) should be reinforced in light of the ongoing debt crisis, reminding that France, Italy and Portugal were also facing similar problems. “The only way to deal with the debt crisis is growth and a substantial rise in GDP”, Mr. Pavlopoulos said. The Greek President lauded German Chancellor Angela Merkel for her stance on the refugee crisis pointing out that Greece had done her share on the matter. Commenting on the matter of the claims Greece has against germany regarding WW2 reparations, Mr. Pavlopoulos said they were still active and would be legally pursued, adding that he wanted the matter to end within a European framework and under International law.