Greece, Italy must implement EC decision for refugee relocation, says Avramopoulos

Cooperation and communication necessary, says the Commissioner

European Commissioner for Migration and Home Affairs Dimitris Avramopoulos urged Greece and Italy to move forward with the immediate implementation of the EU Interior Ministers’ decision for the relocation of the 120,000 refugees, arriving in Brussels Wednesday morning for the European Commission meeting.

“We must continue to cooperate, to explain, and of course, have open channels of communication with all parties that shape Europe’s migration policy”, he said. Commenting on Tuesday’s majority decision by EU interior and migration Ministers,

Avramopoulos said that specific conditions and dividing lines should be applied between those who are truly eligible for refugee status and people entering Europe illegally.

The Commissioner added that enforcing the new migration agenda of the EU will not be an easy task, stressing that he will continue his contact throughout Europe in order to create an environment of safety for the refugees coming to the EU. The European official underlined that the EU is determined to guard its borders and prove it can effectively manage the difficult and complex issue.