Greece excels at PPP projects on a worldwide level

Greece has also received international awards

Greece ranks 3rd globally, among 135 countries in the field of “PPP tender procedures”, according to World Bank’s PPP Report 2018. During this year’s “Benchmarking PPP Procurement” exhibition, PPPs’ regulatory framework for governments across the globe to promote projects or other services, and according to these data, our country ranks third in the assessment of good practices followed by governments regarding PPP tendering procedures. It is noted that in this field, Greece has more international distinctions.

Additionally, it is deemed by international organizations to be moving within the best international practices sphere. Therefore, in the context of the Evaluation of Competition Treaties in sectors of the Greek Economy (2016), OECD did not make any comments on the PPPs.

Greece has also received international awards. More specifically, the project for the construction of 24 schools was awarded the “Deal of the Year” prize by the World of Finance magazine, in the field of education due to a pan-European innovative way of financing and exploiting EU funds while leveraging private capital.

An equivalent prize has been awarded to the Waste Management Project in Western Macedonia (which was awarded the prize of the “Deal of the Year” for the environment, by the World Finance magazine). The same project also received the first prize in the “Waste & Recycling Awards 2017” in “Waste Partnership” category.

Finally, the projects for the implementation of broadband networks, received from the European Commission the “European Broadband Award 2017”, as well as WITSA’s awards in the category of “Digital Opportunity Awards 2018”.

Source: ypodomes