Greece-Israel-Cyprus trilateral Summit end with Greek, Israeli, Cypriot leaders’ statements

Three leaders focused on energy and stability in wider region

“Greece is gradually emerging from an extended crisis with the aid of countries, which in collaboration with Greece, look forward to stability and security in the wider region, as well as common steps of progress”, Greek PM Alexis Tsipras said in a statement after the Greece-Cyprus-Israel Trilateral Summit in Thessaloniki on Thursday. Mr. Tsipras labeled the trilateral summit a “strategic partnership”, adding that the Greek-Israeli higher council of cooperation focused on matters related to the economy, and more specifically providing support to scientific research, innovation and entrepreneurship.
The countries decided to help in the promotion of of joint initiatives for the development of technology parks, supporting small and medium-sized enterprises, promoting scholarship programs, transferring know-how, strengthening research and business networks and supporting young entrepreneurs. The Greek PM underlined that cooperation in the sectors of energy was one of the pillars of collaboration between the three countries, adding that great prospects were opening up given the geopolitical position Greece, Cyprus and Israel had.
The Israeli premier, Benjamin Netanyahu spoke about the relations of the three countries in the past, present and future, saying he was impressed with the warm and friendly climate at these meetings. He focused on the energy sector actions discussed, noting that the EastMed Pipeline idea “will be a true revolution”, and emphasised cooperation on the level of new ideas, innovation, and enterprise “for the benefit of all our citizens.”
On his part, the Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades  thanked them for their support of the “process to finally find, as soon as possible, a solution that allows Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots to live in a state of security, stability and peace, to be able to jointly create, but also with the creation of a state that is functional, stable and viable over time. Especially one that will respect human rights and also the fundamental principles of the EU, since it will continue to be a member of the EU.”