Greece not in top 20 European destinations with highest rates of increase in arrivals for 2017

According to data from World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC)

Greece is absent from the list of top 20 destinations in Europe with the highest rate of increase in visitor arrivals in Europe for 2017, according to a report released by the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC). The data included in the report is updated based on figures forwarded to WTTC from June thru October by every country. Based on data updated until the month of June, Greece recorded a 6.6% rise.
The detailed list of the top 20 countries is as follows:
1.Austria (until August) an increase of 29.9% 2.Turkey (until August) an increase of 26.4% 3.Slovenia (until September) an increase of 17.7% 4.Malt (until September) 16.3%
5.Cyprus (up to October) increase 14.6%
6.Finland (up to September) increase 14%
7.Croatia (until September) increase 13.7% 8.Holland (until August) 13.1%
9. Czech Republic (up to June) 12.8% increase 10.Latvia (until June) increase 12.8%
11.Portugal (until July) increase 12.8%
12.Belgium (until August) increase 11.9% 13.Montenegro (until August) increase 11.4%
14.France (up to May) increase 10.1%
15.Spain (up to August) increase 9.9%
16.Britain (up to August) increase 8.7%
17.Sweden (until June) increase 8.4%
18.Slovakia (until August) increase 8.1%
19.Bulgaria (until August) 7.9% increase
20.Denmark (up to June) 6.9%