Greece: Shots fired outside of the Athens Court of Appeals! (VIDEO)

Two people apprehended

Panic earlier outside the Athens Court of Appeals after a new interruption in the case trial of Marios Papageorgiou.

A relative of the victim’s family while making statements in front of the camera saying they can not find the child’s corpse, pulled a gun and shot three times in the air. Police men followed him, threw him to the ground and handcuffed him along with one more relative.

The case

The traces of Marios were lost on August 9th, 2012. The unfortunate young man had left with his car from Diakofto, Achaia, where he was with his mother for a holiday, for Aigio, with nothing to indicate the tragic ending.

On August 10th, Marios’ mother received a phone call from strangers who asked for 620.000 Euros as a ransom to release her child. However, she followed the advice of a 73-year-old family friend and did not immediately alert the police. It is the man who, as it was proved afterwards, organized the kidnapping and killed the Marios.

The case was solved by the police in October 2012, and a few months later, the macabre secret hiding for a long time in the trunk of the 26-year-old car was revealed. A large spot of blood that was found, the forensic labs determined it was Marios’.

The 73-year-old, was given a life sentence plus 23 years. This was the second trial after the 73-year-old appealed.