Greece to expand territorial waters east of Crete: Greek Foreign Affairs Minister

He said has always been the plan of Greek Foreign Policy

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias announced the expansion of territorial waters to the east of Crete during a Plenary session in the Greek Parliament on Tuesday.

Dendias underlined that enlargement would not be limited only to the southern part of the island but will also include the eastern part of Crete.

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Responding to remarks expressed by major opposition party SYRIZA’s official rapporteur on foreign affairs issues, George Katrougalos, the Minister of Foreign Affairs stated “the issue of the expansion of territorial waters in Crete has been addressed in the past by the PM”.

In addition, the Minister of Foreign Affairs explained that there was no difference of opinion between the PM’s office and the ministry on the issues of the continental shelf, the non-demarcated zones, etc.

Dendias said that the interpretation that the PM would be ‘negotiating’ territorial waters, ‘contradicted common sense’.  “No one would negotiate territorial waters because it is a matter of sovereignty.”