Greece’s major opposition party SYRIZA adopts Turkish propaganda that Syrian refugee was killed by Greek police at Evros

The announcement criticised the policy of the government to close the borders

The Human Rights division of SYRIZA, Greece’s major opposition party, has raised some eyebrows, after posting a statement on the leftist party’s official website essentially adopting Turkish propaganda that a Syrian refugee was shot dead on the Evros borders with Turkey by Greek security forces.

The statement, which comments on the current crisis with thousands of illegal immigrants and refugees gathering at Greece’s northeastern borders with Turkey, uses the typical open-border leftist rhetoric, but goes a step further by acknowledging the unfounded claims by Turkey that a refugee was killed by Greek forces.

The announcement makes reference to killings and injuries of immigrants, accusations that the government has repeatedly denied.

The extract reads: “News that a Syrian refugee was killed by Greek shots unfortunately appears to be confirmed”.