Greek anarchists protest in Thessaloniki against Turkish operation in Afrin (video)

The group protested in front of Turkish Airlines’ counter at the Macedonia Airport

A group of anarchists held a symbolic protest in front the Turkish Airlines’ counter at the Macedonia International airport in Thessaloniki on Monday morning, in solidarity to the Kurdish fighters resisting the Turkish military operation in Afrin, Syria.

The anarchists held a banner expressing their support to the Kurdish people of Afrin and threw leaflets informing those present of Tuesday’s planned day of solidarity for the Kurdish people and the solidarity march for Afrin scheduled for Thursday.

The anarchists posted an article on an anti-establishment website explaining that “the genocide of the resisting Kurdish people in Afrin is at hand, as the plans of Erdogan’s totalitarian regime made it clear that they are seeking to put a bloody end to the development of a democratic confederacy in the northwest Kurdistan and the Middle East in general”.