Greek authorities seize 120kg cocaine in banana containers in huge operation

The illicit substances were found at the Port of Piraeus in a ship that arrived via Ecuador

Greek law enforcement authorities have seized more than 100 containers of bananas that arrived at the port of Piraeus from Ecuador, as more than 120kg of pure cocaine has so far been found.

The large operation by police officers, customs officials and Port Authorities is ongoing at the port of Piraeus as they have been found hundreds of kilos of cocaine hidden in banana containers.

The sting operation investigation, which started early August and has so far resulted in four arrests, has entered its final phase. The Greek authorities been tipped off about the arrival of a large cargo consignment in Athens and Thessaloniki. On the 2nd of August they started their operation in Thessaloniki, but decided to let the cargo in Piraeus arrive unhindered, waiting for the suspicious containers to reach their destination after receiving information they were carrying illicit substances.

With the aid of x-ray devices at the Thessaloniki Customs Office, authorities found a container of bananas with cocaine totalling 51 kg hidden inside. A few days later, on August 13, another 24kg of cocaine was found in another container, followed by 100 at the port of Piraeus

Law enforcement agencies want to determine who the recipients of the cargo are and pinpoint the leading figures behind the drugs.

Authorities are handling the case with extreme caution and care, as they regard it as very serious stressing that the possibility of the quantity being much larger is high. They want to shed light on all aspects of of the case and determine whether the Latin American cartels have targeted Greece.