Greek Farmers’ Party to collaborate with Italian 5 Star Movement in European Elections

The alliance was announced by Italian Labour Minister Di Maio in Rome

The Greek Agricultural and Farmers’ Party (AKEL) will be in an alliance with Italy’s Five Star Movement in May’s European Elections, the leader of Italy’s populist party, Luigi Di Maio said in a joint press conference on Friday.

The alliance also includes other political forces; “Zivi Zid” (Croatia), liberal Liike Nyt (Finland) and “Law and Justice ’15” (Poland).

Di Maio stressed in his statements that “anyone who does not believe in the values of Democracy is excluded from this alliance”, which was a direct reference to the most extreme factions of the “Yellow Vests” in France.

The President of AKEL, Evangelos Tziompanides also attended the Press Conference in Rome.
“We are five parties that responded to the challenge of working together to form a joint group in the European Parliament. We have other contacts and we aspire to be able to become seven”, said the Head of the Five Star Movement and Italian Minister for Labour.

Italian media report that the alliance with AKEL is an innovation because the other four alliances of the Italian political movement were already known.