Greek government pleads with refugees to leave Piraeus port with leaflet ‘We love you’! (photos)

A small number have decided to depart for hotspots

The SYRIZA government continues its trail blazing approach to handling the refugee crisis that has beset cash-strapped Greece after the flows exploded following the leftist government’s ‘open border’ rhetoric. In a 32-page multi-language (Greek, Arabic, Farsi and English) leaflet handed out to refugees and illegal immigrants, the Greek authorities pleaded with the foreigners to leave the port of Piraeus. Among other things, the leaflet informed the illegal immigrants and refugees that the borders were closed; that conditions were worse at some of the hotspots they would be relocated to!!; and that they loved them!!; that all food, transport, healthcare and housing provision were free. The leaflet also calls on the foreigners to stop believing the human traffickers, while its asks them to trust the Greek authorities and register at the hotspots. It urges the immigrants to refrain from fighting among each other, while telling them to cooperate with the Greek authorities and solidarity groups (like the ones urging them to stay in Greece, or those trying to lead them over the Greek-FYROM border?). Some 100 refugees have boarded on buses for the hotspot Agios Andreas.

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