Greek House passes reform decoupling election of President from early Parliamntary dissolution

Proposal on parliamentary immunity also passed

The voting on a number of proposed Constitutional reforms ended, with the House deciding by a large majority to disassociate the dissolution of Parliament in the event it fails to elect President of the Republic.
Out of the 28 Articles of the proposed reforms voted on, 11 received more than 180 votes, which means that the next Parliament can modify their content by a simple majority of 151.
Among these is the proposal to amend Article 32, which received 224 “in favour” in the direction of decoupling the election of the head of state from the dissolution of the House.
The proposal on Article 62 on the limitation of parliamentary immunity also received 237 votes, while the proposal on Article 86 to limit the privileged arrangements for the criminal liability of ministers received 255 votes.