Greek islands and Halkidiki in top low-cost “5-star” destinations

Costs have dropped due to a volatile euro and Brexit

The Greek islands and Halkidiki are among the top 8 “five-star” budget-friendly holiday destinations in the world for this summer, according to the travelsupermarket.

The online travel platform recommends these deals to its British users, as the holiday packages offer travelers luxury vacations at a low cost.
Five-star holiday packages recorded a 35% reduction in cost in the month of May, compared to 2018, starting at £204 per person from many British airports.
Lower costs can be attributed to factors such as Brexit, the reemergence of Turkey and Egypt in the market, as well as concerns about the instability of the euro.
According to the platform, Corfu registered the highest drop in holiday costs (10%) for luxury vacations in May compared to last year’s and in comparison to other Greek islands. Crete followed with a 14% decrease and Kefalonia with -8%.

The 8 luxury destinations with the lowest package holiday costs this summer, as presented on the Travelsupermarket website, are Turkey, Spain, Halkidiki, Fuerteventura, Algarve, Balearic Islands, Greek islands.