Greek Minister accuses Turkey of “hostility” on continued detention of two Greek soldiers

Mr Katrougalos said Turkey’s stance violated International Law

Greek Alternate Minister of Foreign Affairs George Katrougalos accused Turkey of violating the Convention of Human Rights and European legal culture by continuing to hold two Greek soldiers in prison. Speaking before Greek parliament on Thursday, Mr Katrougalos dubbed the stance Turkey had adopted on the matter as “hostile” towards Greece, pointing out that the extended detainment of Lieutenant Mitredodis and Sargeant Kouklatzis, who were arrested on March 2 after entering into Turkish territory, contravened the legal culture of Europe and the Human Rights convention.
“The unjustified, unlawful, politically unacceptable and hostile detention of the two Greek military men by Turkey is contrary to Article 6 of the Convention of Human Rights for a fair trial and contrary to the European legal culture,” Mr Katrougalos noted.