Greek model poses at Jewish Holocaust Memorial! (photos)

Joanna Touni oblivious of where she was

Joanna Touni is a Greek model with a following of 280,000 on Instagram. It is true that those involved in the fashion industry many times attempt to push the boundaries in an effort to provoke and draw public attention.
But sometimes their choices are completely lacking in taste or are outright offensive and disrespectful.
It seems Joanna was unable to grasp the solemnity of the Jewish Holocaust Memorial in Berlin where she chose to strike a sexy pose.

She thought it would the ideal setting to show off her modelling skills and a green jacket she had on. She posted the photo on her Instagram account, completely oblivious of the place she was in and captioned it with the highly objectionable: “Once a year, go somewhere you have never been before”, clearly lacking a sense of seriousness. As if it is the same to visit a place in the world for its rare physical beauty and a place commemorating the death of millions of people.


Once a year, go somewhere you’ve never been before. // #?????? #travel #europe #lovemylife

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