Greek moms do public breastfeeding in Thessaloniki to raise awareness (video-photos)

50 similar events are scheduled across Greece

Dozens of mothers of all ages gathered on Sunday morning in the yard of the Town Hall in Thessaloniki to publicly breastfeed their babies, as part of the 10th Pan-Hellenic Breastfeeding event, organised by the Thessaloniki Panhellenic Volunteer Support Network team this year.

According to, mums and dads with their babies arrived early at the town hall where activities were being held for the children. The kids made clay constructions, did handy craft, while the clowns put on on a show to entertain children and adults alike. Sweets were available for all the gathered families to savour during the event.

“It started out as a need for mums to open up to society and say that breastfeeding is not taboo in public, but it is very normal. Over the years we have made a huge leap forward, we have changed society a lot,” said Polly Koula of the Panhellenic Breastfeeding Volunteer Support Network.

Public breastfeeding events are scheduled to be held in more than 50 cities in Greece by local volunteer support groups.