Parliament approves fast-track procedures 3rd bailout deal measures

Watch the debate in Greek Parliament so that the second bill can be passed through using emergency procedures

A majority of Parliament MPs on Wednesday approved asecond package of prior actions, linked with a third bailout, via an emergency procedure. The ruling Radical Left Coalition (SYRIZA), junior coalition rightist Independent Greeks (ANEL), main coalition New Democracy, centrist Potami and socialist PASOK party voted in favor. Deputies from the opposition accused the government of forcing Parliament to vote under duress, with ultra-nationalist Golden Dawn and the communist KKE party referring unacceptable procedures.

Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos defended the government’s request to discuss the bill under the emergency procedure, stressing the need to conclude the deal as soon as possible. Furthermore, he stated that the controversial issues relating to curbing early retirement and eliminating farm subsidies have been removed from the bill.

The second round of measures in the bill include changes to the civil code, aimed at improving legal proceedings and new EU rules on bailing out failed banks.

The bill needs to be passed as soon as possible so that negotiations with European creditors can star next Friday.

Watch the debate in Greek Parliament as it unfolds: