Greek PM on EuroGroup result: We got what we wanted

Alexis Tsipras makes address to Greek people

Greek PM Alexis Tsipras addressed the Greek pubblic on the results of the EuroGroup meeting after the deal was achieved at the Luxembourg giving Greece 8.5 billion euros.

After a long time a good day has dawned for Greece. We got what we wanted, what we were entitled to. The road to esxit the crisis opens up. After the difficult compromise of 2015, we feel vindicated. We did the right thing to not accept what they were offering us and we insisted on asking for specific commitments”, Mr. Tsipras said.

Mr. Tsipras went on to say that it was a “crisis exit deal”, claiming that the country had received a 15-year extension of maturity on the bonds, as well as debt relief measures. “The most significant commitment is in the final paragraph, the end of the memoranda in 2018”, he underlined. Mr. Tsipras admitted that there would be obstacles ahead, adding however, that there was a glimmer of hope. “Now is the time to move forward with the great reforms the Greek economy needs so much”, he said.