Greek police bust vicious Pakistani gang that terrorised Acropolis area

The gang comprise a total of 18 members

Greek police basted a particularly vicious gang of Pakistanis who had terrorised the wider area surrounding the Acropolis archaeological site. The core gang, which was made up of 6 Pakistani men, would rob passers-by at knifepoint, while on some occasions they had even stabbed some of their victims, not hesitating to use flagrant violence.
Officers of the Athens Police Precinct managed to identify the perpetrators and arrest them on Tuesday, in the Aegaleo region, following investigations with the aid of victims’ testimonies. The authorities arrested a total of 18 Pakistanis, with 12 of them arrested on charges of possession of fire-arms, reception, and disposal of products of criminal activity, while police also charged them with attempted homicide and three robberies.
The accused were aged between 19 and 34.

The gang started their illicit activities two months ago when under the cover of night they would attack and rob tourists and locals who would be strolling in the area of Philopappou hill near the Acropolis archaeological site.

According to the police report, the gang would act in coordination, lurking behind bushes and pouncing on their unsuspecting victims at night. Wielding knives they would encircle their victims and steal their possessions and money. If the victims did not resist they would let them go, but if they attempted to defend themselves the gang members would not hesitate to use their knives.
The group had set up a network of compatriots that would receive the loot and sell it as soon as possible to avoid being detected by the authorities.

Police have filed a criminal case against the accused based on the charges of setting up a criminal organisation, an attempted homicide and robbery, and a violation of the Weapons Act.