Greek police solve 14 burglaries in Chalikidiki

3 burglars left off the hook

Police solved 14 burglaries over the past 2 months in the area of Pefkohori, Chalikidiki in northern Greece, after they managed to trace them back to a 3-member gang. The 19-year old Greek male and his partner, a 20-year old Albanian were responsible for most of the 14 break-ins, while a 34-year old Greek man also took part in two of them. The gang would target houses and shops and break into them through the windows or doors and sell off the loot, estimated to be worth over 8,000 Euros to a 17-year old Albanian. The stolen goods were all recovered and returned to their owners, but the culprits were not arrested due to lapse in flagrante. They were charged with flagrant theft.