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Racist quesion by Greek reporter on Antetokounmpo causes uproar! (video)

Asked NBA coach Steve Kerr

Since his arrival in the NBA and his meteoric rise to fame, culminating in his participation in the 2017 All Star NBA game as a starter, Greek NBA superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo (aka: The Greek Freak) has been the best “Ambassador” for his country. But it seems some “professionals” in the Greek sports media industry are oblivious of the modern world they live. During a post match interview with Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr on how he would try to contain the Greek Freak as coach of the West during the All Star Game to be held in New Orleans, a Greek reporter asked the coach whether he thought Antetkounmpo being black and a Greek at the same time was an oxymoron. Steve Kerr seemed baffled at the question and brushed it aside saying “I don’t really know how to answer the first part of the question” and quickly moved on to answering the second part. The journalist, who is a member of Cosmote TV’s crew sent to cover the NBA All Star Game for the cable network, recalled him back to Greece after the question. The TV channel issued a statement separating itself from journalist’s question. “The specfic question does in no way reflect the values and principles of the company, as they are laid out in the Code of Conduct. It is a personal opinion of the journalist”, the statement read.


  • Julie Andras

    I didn’t know Greeks were black………..whatever….lol……I thought Greeks were white people.

  • Julie Andras

    approved? This on-line news paper needs to approve my comment? Another words, if there is a comment you do not agree with you will not allow it to be displayed……h my God..are u serious…….my comment was just expressing how I always thought that Greeks were white people. I had no idea they were such a mixed race and I sincerely did NOT mean to offend anyone. Tell me; if I was talking about Scandinavians, would you need to “approve” such a comment as my previous one regarding Greeks being black? Sensitive subject? racism? The Greek Parliament does NOT have one member that is BLACK, or any other color than white people as parliament members; but you DO have “Golden Dawn”…..as reported, a group that marched into a Greek HOSPITAL demanding to see the registry to investigate just who was Greek and who was not! Once again; I did not mean my comment to be offensive.

    • themanews

      We need to check all comments only to make sure that no inappropriate language is used (F-word etc.).
      Regarding Antetokounmpo, he and his family come from Kenya and he has the Greek passport. I think you can find similar examples in almost every country.