Greek soldiers fire tracer ammo at Turkish helicopter over island of Ro

The Turkish aircraft flew over isle at a low altitude

In the latest of a series of Turkish provocations against Greece, which highlights the ongoing tensions between the two countries, a Turkish helicopter flew at a low altitude over the Greek island of Ro on the evening of Easter Monday.

According to initial information, the helicopter performed manoeuvres at a low altitude over the island around 11:30 pm on Monday. Experts say the helicopter belonged to the Turkish coast guard and are surprised at its late night flight. It is unclear how long the aircraft remained in the Greek airspace.

According to reliable sources, the Greek Radar System had detected the entry of the Turkish helicopter into Greek national airspace.

Military sources told report that the Greek soldiers on guard at an outpost fired tracer bullets to interrupt the aircraft’s flight. The island of Ro is located close to the Turkish coastline and is near Kastelorizo in the southeast Mediterranean Sea.