Greek soldiers held in Turkey could face 5 years in prison, Adadolu agency reports!

Turkish court rules it fears the two could flee Turkey

The two Greek servicemen being held in a maximum security prison in Turkey could be facing up to 5 years in prison, according to Turkish state-run news Agency Anadolu. “There is concrete evidence that there are strong suspicions about the crime committed by the suspects, there is the view that they will flee Turkey if they are released because they have no permanent residence in Turkey. The evidence has not yet been collected. There is a perception that the crimes they have committed may change as the digital material research continues”, Anadolu reports.

The news agency goes on to point out the reasoning behind the court’s ruling to extend the detention of the two Greek servicemen. “Considering that the action was carried out by military personnel, the way it was done and that the highest penalty imposed by the law is five years, the measure of detention is within the limits of discretion, and the court justly decided the continuation of their detention, while there will be no change in the terms of their detention”, the court said.