Greek state grants 2.5 million EUR for “research and training” for the European Elections

12.5 million EUR will for the European Elections

The Greek state has granted a total of 15 million euros in funds to parties for the European Elections, with 2.5 million earmarked for “research and training” purposes.

The relevant decision of Interior Minister Alexis Charitsis was published in the official government Gazette on March 12 and provides a detailed breakdown of the sum.

Greek parties are funded legally from the state budget for election purposes, but the interesting fact regarding the recent decision by the Interior Ministry is that while the 12.5 million EUR pertains to the regular party funding, for which the political groups are obligated to submit documentation as to how they use it, the 2.5 million EUR is allocated for “research and training purposes”.

However, the recipient parties of these “research and training” funds are not obliged to detail the ways in which they spend it.
They can spend the amount as they see fit with no oversight or corresponding supporting documents detailing their use.