Greek women “champions” in sexting in Europe, online research shows

The survey also revealed they had little regrets when cheating on their spouse

Greeks love sexting and do it with frequency 2 to 3 times a week mainly from home and from their work …

This is the take away from a new survey conducted on a website dedicated to extramarital relations/services, which has millions of members from around the world, including Greece.

Greece holds the second place (!) in sexting on a Pan-European level, an activity equally popular for both men and women. When the data is broken down in genders, Greek women hold the top spot in Europe regarding sexting.

In fact, tyne data showed that Greece as the fastest growing European country in terms of infidelity in relation to its population.

Apart from sexting, which is popular among Greeks – with 87% for men and 81% for women – selfies during the at of sex are quite common. Interestingly, 76% of men and 68% of women record themselves on video when they engage in sex with their lovers, compared with 23% of men and 21% of women, respectively when they have sex with their legal spouses.

When it comes to guilt after cheating on their spouses, women in Greece appear to have the lest scruples, as only 8% responded they felt guilty, compared to 25% of the men who said they felt guilty. At the same time, 77% of Greek women said infidelity improved their marriage or long-term relationship…