Greek women earn 12.5% less than men, Eurostat data reveals

Germany is one of the EU countries with the highest gender pay gap

Female employees in Greece earn 12.5% less pay on average, compared to men, according to Eurostat data published in 2014 on occasion of World Women’s Day. However, the indicator showed a decrease compared to 2010, where the deviation of work pay between the two sexes stood at 15%.

On an EU level, the gender pay gap narrowed slightly by 0.6 percentage points from 16.8% in 2011 to 16.2% in 2016. Overall in the EU, the gender pay gap was less than 10% in Romania (5.2%), Italy (5.3%), Luxembourg (5.5%), Belgium (6.1% ), Poland (7.2%) and Slovenia (7.8%) and Croatia (8.7%), based on 2014 figures.
In contrast, the gender pay gap was over 20% in Estonia (25.3%), the Czech Republic (21.8%), Germany (21.5%), the United Kingdom (21.0% ) and Austria (20.1%).