Greeks declared 7 billion more in taxes in 2016

Middle class hit the hardest

Greek households paid an additional 6.1 billion euros in taxes for the current fiscal year compared 2015, according to the data posted on the website of the Independent Public Revenues Authorities. The data showed that the aggregate tax income declared by Greeks in 2016 amounted to 82.1 billion euros, in comparison to 75.1 billion in 2015 after the calculation of th set of presumptions. Individual taxpayers in the middle class, with income over 20,000 euros per annum, will again be called to shoulder the bulk of taxes. They paid 70% of the 8 billion euros in income tax, while 18% of Greeks pay 80% of income tax, which corresponds to 1,089,920 households with declared income over 20.000 euros who paid 6.192 billion euros. According to the data, rich Greeks, meaning individuals with income over 100,000 euros either paid no taxes or did not exist at all, as they make up less than 1 in 100. Meanwhile, the statistics showed an explosion of the number of households living in poverty, as there were 34,000 more that declared they had zero income for 2016.