Greeks have a close relationship with Britain, says UK Brexit negotiator David Davis

Minister writes ope ed piece in Greek newspaper

Britain’s Secretary of State for exiting the European Union, David Davis said Greeks living and working in Britain having nothing to fear with regards the process of Brexit. In op ed piece in Greek newspaper “Ta Nea”, Mr. Davis remarks: “Brexit is not the end of our relationship”. In a piece entitled “We will continue to welcome Greeks after Brexit”, the Minister responsible for talks with the EU reassures the Greeks working and studying in his country underlining that Brerxit will will not be the end of the relationship, as trade dealings between the two countries will continue. “We will continue to have our holidays in Greece”, he says. Mr. Davis notes that he made it clear that the top priority of Britain was to reassure those EU citizens living in Britain and the Brits living in EU countries that nothing would change in their status during his meeting with the EU’s chief negotiator on Brexit Michel Barnier. The British negotiator said that the ties between Greece and Britain were particularly close, as 70,000 Greeks resided in his country with 11,000 students studying in Britain. “Greeks and other EU citizens had contributed as catalysts in shaping the modern social network of Britain”, he said, adding that they had every right to look into their future with as much certainty as possible. He expressed hope that Greece would also accommodate the 45,000 British ex-pats living in Greece. “The history of Greece, the history of Britain and of Europe in general, are inseparably linked and our future will be the new, close and separate partnership we want to build with the EU”, he said.