Greeks overwhelmingly (82%) approve government handling of coronavirus crisis, poll shows

ND opens gap against SYRIZA in voters’ intention

The overwhelming majority of Greek citizens have a positive view on the Greek government’s management of the coronavirus crisis, according to a poll conducted by Pulse Given on behalf of Skai TV.

The findings revealed that 82% of the respondents evaluated the government’s handling of the crisis as either “positive” or “generally positive”.

An interesting insight, which illustrates that Greeks approach the pandemic crisis across party lines, is the fact that when breaking down the results, the government received high approval rating on its handling by a large majority of opposition party voters, as 78% of SYRIZA voters and 89% of Change Movement (KINAL), as registered in the 2019 national elections, had a ‘positive and generally positive’ view, respectively.

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The poll also revealed a shift in the attitude of the Greek public, with 86% of citizens welcoming the adoption of a strict framework of measures regarding free movement to drastically reduce the spread of the disease, with the same percentage responding that they had already complied with the rules and adopted self-isolation and hygiene practices in their everyday lives.

In terms of voting intentions, ruling New Democracy (ND) has opened a notable gap from major opposition party SYRIZA,  45% (up 5 points since its last election) said they would pick it, compared to SYRIZA with 22% (9.53 down from the 2019 elections). Following are KINAL with 5.5%, KKE with 5%, Greek Solution with 4.5% and DiEM25 with 2.5%.