Greeks work the longest hours in Europe, OECD report shows

Germans are the most productive

Greeks work the longest hours among all other Europeans, according to an OECD report. The figures revealed that Greeks worked 2,035 hours per year on average, with the Germans working 1,363 hours, with the latter, however, being the most productive. The data was compiled by the OECD from statistics collected in 35 developed countries and showed the US citizens worked on average 1,783 hours
Interestingly, 11% of work in Greece is part-time, with the Netherlands ranking top of the relevant list with 37.7% working part-time, followed by Switzerland with 27% and Australia with 25.9%.
Self-employment in Greece accounted for 34.1% of total employment, with Greece ranked second behind Colombia where self-employment stands at 51.3%.
As the OECD figures show, Germany manages to come first in productivity, as workers in Germany were 27% more productive than Britons who work around 1,680 hours a year.