Gunman holds three hostages in drug rehab centre (developing story) (photos-video)

Man exchanged shots with police

UPD: According to local news site cretapost the man had been undergoing rehab treatment at the facility he barged into and was in despair as the council decided to revoke his kiosk permit in the old Venetian port. According to reports there are three hostages, employees the centre, locked up in a room. He has reportedly asked to speak with the Mayor of Chania, Tasos Vamoukas who has arrived on the scene and is in a dialogue with the gunman. Mr. Vamboukas told that it was an extremely difficult case, as the man was a drug addict.

Police in Chania, Crete are on alert as an armed man has reportedly broken into a drug rehabilitation facility (OKANA) in the area of the town’s old psychiatric ward. There have been reports of gun shots being heard, while he purportedly shouted that he was injured in the leg. The pistol-wielding man started shouting dnd hurling threats against three service employees won are in the building with him. He was reportedly protesting in despair as he claims to have a 5 children and the council has decided to tear a small kiosk he operates in the Venetian port of Chania, which he says is his only source of income. The man exchanged shots with police officers when they attempted to approach the building he had entered.