Hackers stole personal data of Domino’s Pizza customers in Belgium and France

A twitter anonymous user, threatened to publish the personal data unless the company paid a cash ransom

Hackers stole personal data of more than 600,000 customers of the known food chain Domino’s Pizza in Belgium and France, announced the pizza delivery company.
An anonymous user on Twitter threatened to publish personal data unless the company paid a ransom in cash.
Customer names, addresses, phone – email addresses and passwords were stolen from the online ordering system and the company is in the process of replacing it, said the chain spokesman Mr. Chris Brandon, and explained that he is not aware if the stolen passwords were encrypted.

In a tweet addressed to customers of the pizza distributors, a hacker codenamed Rex Mundi, threatened to publish the personal data of its customers on the Internet, unless the Domino’s Pizza pay the sum of 30,000 euro, according to a report of the British newspaper The Telegraph.
However the account of Rex Mundi on Twitter was closed immediately after the threatening message . The spokesman of the Dominos said that the company is not familiar with ransom cases and will not pay the amount requested to anyone.
On his part, the Vice President of Corporate Communications Mr. Tim McIntyre said that the hacking was an “individual” act concerning stores located in Belgium and France using the name of Domino’s Pizza and where the online ordering system does not accept credit card orders, so that it is not possible to steal personal financial information of customers. “This does not affect any market outside of France and Belgium,” said via email Mr. McIntyre.

Domino’s Pizza has about 11,000 stores worldwide, including 229 in France, 24 in Belgium and about 5,000 in the United States.