Heels for men are back in fashion

More celebrities setting the trend

There are various ways in which society deems it acceptable for women to enhance their looks but not men.
Want to make your eyes look bigger? Mascara. Need to cover a spot? Concealer. Want to make your legs look longer? Pop on some heels. (Of course these aren’t the only reasons for wearing heels and makeup, but they are plus points.)
But times are a changing, and it appears heels for men are now actually in vogue. Literally, for fashion bible Vogue has decreed it.
“It takes a self-assured, kingly attitude to confidently clack against the grain,” they say. “You could even say these men are on the heels of something sexy.”
No longer the preserve of short men trying to sneakily improve their stature, some of the most stylish and influential males in the world right now are proudly sporting heels.
We’re not talking stilettos, but rather chunky heeled boots, for the most part.
Kanye West, Harry Styles and Justin Bieber have all been spotted sporting small heels. And where they lead, regular Joes will follow.

source: theindependent.co.uk