Heidi to get mail… by drone!

Swiss post working on plan to delivery mail by drones — says plan at least five years away

While the rest of Europe is gripped in the throes of the “Greece crisis saga”, EU-less and free trade-happy Switzerland — a paradigm of a vibrant, well-run rule-of-law democracy — is testing … drones as mail delivery vehicles!

Accrding to BusinessInsider, Swiss Post is currently testing drones for delivery, a company stated revealed.

A partnership is underway with Swiss WorldCargo, the air freight division of the Swiss International Air Lines, and drone maker Matternet to get the program ….off the ground.

Nevertheless, the mail provider cautioned that widespread use of drones isn’t expected for another five years.

“Until the time of their realistic commercial use in around five years, there are various requirements which need to be clarified. This includes the regulatory framework. In addition, there are technical restrictions with the drones of today, such as limited battery life,” the company said.

The next step could be drone carrying guard dogs to … bite the “mail drones”.