Holy Synod issues Internet ‘guidelines’ for clergy

Priests are asked to behave as men of God when they are online

The Holy Synod issued a memorandum asking clerics and monks to refrain from expressing themselves online and to ensure that their behavior on cyberspace does not come into conflict with terms of their ordainment.

The memo states that no Internet site created in the name of the Autocephalus Orthodox Church of Greece can be inaugurated without the approval of the council of Metropolitans.

Permission will be given to Internet sites that focus on informing one’s congregation (e.g. liturgy timetables, volunteerism, blood donations etc.) as well as for information pertaining to the history of a parish or the publication of sermons.

The Holy Synod also investigated the use of social networking by clergy and monks, noting that while this is considered a personal right, clergy members are advised to communicate their thoughts and positions in a way that will not question their role as religious leaders. Priests were also told to be careful of the way they express themselves publicly, so as to avoid the possibility of expressing “heretical positions”.

Some religious sites:

* Ask an Orthodox Priest on Facebook is a site where the faithful can have their questions answered by the clergy. (CLICK HERE)

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* You can light a virtual candle online by CLICKING HERE.

* For the rite of penance, one can download a confession application on your iPhone via iTunes for 1.5 euros. The app is personalized for every user with password and protected profiles and a step-by-step guide to the sacrament of confession. (CLICK HERE) 


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