How much do the Europeans work & how much the do the Greeks? (infograph)

Greece is first in Europe and third in the world

A map depicting average weekly work in Europe was created by linguist and mathematician Jakub Marian.

The data are the most recent from the OECD, which showed the total working hours per week in each country.

According to the map, Greeks work on average for most hours per week in Europe 39 hours, while the shortest number of hours per week is in Germany with 26 hours. In the United Kingdom, the working hours per week are 32.

Given that it includes part-time workers, the numbers are lower than the 40 hours that many office workers fill in each week.

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number-of-hours-worked-per-week-europe-0 (1)

Marian has calculated weekly working hours in other countries of the world and on a global bases Greece comes third!

– Canada 33
– Japan 33
– United States 34
– New Zealand 34
– Israel 36
– Chile 38
– South Korea 40
– Mexico 43