How to steps on University entry exam applications for high school students

All application will be sent online via email

Senior high-school students preparing for this year’s tertiary (University-College) entry level exams will fill in their applications online due to the extraordinary circumstances of the coronavirus pandemic.

The process can be completed remotely by following a few simple steps. The application / statement (a template of which can be found here) is sent by the candidate via e-mail to their High School where it is registered electronically in the High School database. After downloading and saving the file to their computer, candidates complete the gray only boxes. Finally, the candidate sends the completed application (via email) for electronic registration, within the prescribed deadline (March 30 to April 9, 2020) to their high school, if it concerns an end of year student.

If the student is a graduate, then the application is sent to the high school from which he graduated or to the nearest high school of his residence. Depending on the Lyceum it is sent to and registered, the graduate will be examined at that Lyceum or the corresponding examination centre.

If a candidate wishes, within the deadline, to modify the application submitted, then they must send a new form with the indication “NEW APPLICATION” in exactly the same way, requesting modification of the previous one. In the next step and with further instructions, the candidate will check that the information is correct and that it actually corresponds to the new changes, sign and receive a copy of the application, which will be kept until the end of exam.