“I slept with 130 men due to my sex addiction”, woman admits

Her addiction placed a huge strain on both her physical and mental health

A woman whose sex addiction spiralled to the point she slept with four men in a day says she ‘couldn’t function’ unless she knew when she was going to get ‘my next hit of sex’.

Hook ups began to consume Frankie Considine’s life, taking precedence over her work and friends, but also placing a huge strain on both her physical and mental health.

The now 28-year-old suffered with depression, multiple sexually transmitted diseases and fell pregnant with no idea who the father could be, before eventually being diagnosed with sex addiction.

Frankie would call in sick at her job and cancel social plans to ensure she was having sex every day, leading to her sleeping with more than 130 men.

Having initially not known she was struggling with a recognised mental health condition, she believes her craving stemmed from dealing with her parent’s divorce and her difficult relationship with her body.

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