IMF returns in January if there is political progress

The statements made by the IMF’s representative

The IMF expects that the heads of the Troika inspectors will return to Athens in January. As reported on Thursday, the Fund’s representative stated, during the last official update for this year, that the discussions will continue on a technical level, indicating that the burder of control will fall on the budget.

“It is a very important issue, and they have a lot of work”, said the Fund’s representative.

“Our goal is to complete the evaluation, we plan to continue the program in Greece” he added, stating that the IMF “welcomes Athens’ request for a preventive support line”, even though he declined to answer whether he has received a similar request from Athens, he predisposed that the IMF program for Greece will evolve into this proactive support line.

On the subject of political developments, he declines to say whether the Greek government had informed Christine Lagarde. The IMF representative did not reply when asked whether the Troika inspectors will return in case of early elections.