Impressive Russian frigate docks at Poros island (video-photos)

It arrived as part of celebrations for the 190th anniversary of the commencement of Greek-Russian relations

The impressive Russian frigate “Admiral Essen” docked at Poros on Monday. The state of the art 125 metres-long vessel with its 175 member-anchored at the bay of Askeli, in the east of Poros, against the backdrop of the ground of the Zoodochos Pigi Monastery, the patron saint of the island.

The Russian frigate will remain in Poros until September the 19th and visiting the island as part of the 190th anniversary of the official start of the Greek-Russian diplomatic relations, which were sealed by the presentation of the credentials of Russian attaché Mark Voulgaris to John Kapodistrias on September 17, 1828, at the latter’s house in Poros.

It should be noted that Poros is a reference point for Greek-Russian relations, which is also evidenced by the commemorative plaque placed by the Russian Embassy and the Municipality of Poros in 2016 in the building that was the home of the first governor of the Greek state.

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