photos of the accused of minors' sexual abuse go public

The two men which were arrested on the 17th of July in the area of Ilion, are accused of seducing a minor, pandering and violation of Arms Act

The names and photos of the two men who were arrested on the 17th of July in the area of Ilion were released by the Greek Police. The two arrested are accused of seduction of a minor, pandering and violation of the Arms Act.

They are:

A) Konstantinos Paraskevopoulos of Theodoros, a resident of New Liossia


B) Spyridon Zervos of Constantinos, a resident of Peristeri.


The first culprit, Konstantinos Paraskevopoulos was prosecuted for the offenses of seduction of a child who is under twelve years of age, sexual abuse of a 10 year old minor involving a fee, while the second Spyridon Zervos was prosecuted for immediate synergy in the aforementioned offenses as well as for charges on the act of illegal firearms possession.

“The specific publicization will last up to 18.00 hours of the 09.15.2014 in accordance with the relevant Public Prosecutor Ordinance  which seeks firstly to protect the community and especially underage girls, and secondly to aid the investigation of a pending case. Moreover, as the Police claims, its aim is to facilitate the realization that the State has zero tolerance when it comes to such abhorrent acts.