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Is this the most violent baptism ever? (video)

The footage has outraged social media users

Twitter users have been outraged after footage emerged on social media showing a Greek Orthodox bishop violently baptising a baby in water.

In the clip the Archbishop swings the naked child by its arms and repeatedly dunks him in the baptismal font.

The clergyman dips the boy in the basin three times before handing him back to the parents who seem totally unfazed.

It is believed the clip was filmed in Ayia Napa, Cyprus, at a Greek Orthodox church.

Many online commentators have criticised the bishop’s rough approach, the MailOnline reported.

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  • Joan

    “It is tradition for Greek Orthodox churches to perform ‘forceful’ baptisms because it is seen as a solution to the declining birth rate.”
    Totally not true. It has nothing to do with birth rate. Baptism of babies is a long tradition in Orthodox church and it’s not forceful. The parents give their best to their child so it can fully participate in their spiritual life and when the child grows up it can still chose on its own his religion or no religion at all.

    • themanews

      Correct and corrected.